Clube da Esquina is a radio show that was born in 2019 from the invitation of a worldwide radio based in Porto, Portugal. The title, chosen from a fundamental album of Brazilian Popular Music recorded by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges, in 1972, evokes urban spaces of meeting and development of subcultures that have fuelled the universe of pop music. Summoning these spaces is an incentive to identify new ones, integrating geographies outside the conventional borders of musical creation. The radio show was broadcast throughout 2019 on the last Mondays of the month. In 2023, the club returns in a independent format but keeping the same periodicity: every last Monday of the month, an hour of music dedicated to a specific theme will be released. Enjoy! 📻

2023 Listen

Clube da Esquina returns this year following the same guidelines as the previous edition, now in a freer and shorter format. On the last Mondays of the month, a new radio show focused on a specific theme will be released, the one-hour chapters will be available on this platform for future listening. Stay T-U-N-E-D-!

2019 Listen

In 2019, twelve chapters were released corresponding to twelve sound narratives inspired by specific themes, such as the discovery of a navigation instrument, the relationship between music and cinema or photography and mountaineering. All chapters related to that year are available on this platform for further listening.

In this section, you will also find an extra chapter (Dance Club) launched in March 2020, which encouraged people to dance during the period of social isolation caused by the COVID-19 crisis.