Before And After Sun

This program’s debut took place only a couple of days after the summer solstice, and for that reason, the songs that compose it go in search of the Sun. The Sun, being the same that shines over Buguni, Martinique, Ibiza, Japan or Brazil, does not necessarily produce the same light. And perhaps because of this, the songs from this sixth chapter of Clube da Esquina contain different atmospheres. But if the first pretext of this program came from the will to reclaim solar music, the second reason focused on the permanent desire to identify and distinguish songs that are worth coming back to from more, let’s say, disposable ones. Being a Before And After Sun theme, the program starts in a more contemplative tone, acquiring more energy at the middle and ends in fade-out. And, returning to the Sun in fade-out theme, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to evoke this magnificent Tacita Dean (1965) piece, filmed on the west coast of Madagascar, entitled The Green Ray (2001), in the remote hope of crossing with an optical phenomenon of a fraction of a second which is also a sign of happiness, mainly for sailors. Welcome to Summer!