Mosteirô — Pocinho

Skipping the historical part, well contextualized in an online encyclopedia, and also jumping over the contemporary curse of reactivating past experiences converted into playful enjoyment, the train ride between Porto and Pocinho (in Portugal) remains magnificent. Without wishing to escape the first and second parts of the trip, the third portion of the route improves significantly from Pinhão on the point of the railway from which the line runs alongside the Douro river. This chapter of Clube da Esquina, limited to its 2 hour format, was composed from the Mosteirô line until it reached the final destination. On a late summer afternoon the landscape is prodigious, so we advise departing at 6:37 PM to arrive at 8:35 PM. By the end of the first 30 minutes we have already jumped from the Ambitious Lovers’ It’s Gonna Rain to RAP’s Static. Midway through the journey, the mysterious DJ Healer Holding On To You breaks between Covelinhas and Ferrão, shortly following the Heights Of Abraham The Cleric prior appearance on the show. After several tunnels and bridges, in the last fifteen minutes of the route, Julianna Barwick’s pastoralism in Vow comes to escort the landscape of hills and valleys surrounding the river, with the train only stoping to the whistle of Prefuse 73’s Whisper In My Ear To Tell Me You Hate Me. As is well known, the tourism phenomenon has promoted, and at the same time nullified, access to any new form of experience and, like so, it is predicted that virgin lands will soon cease to exist, so the best thing is to plan your trip over less agitated months. All aboard!?!?!