Home Listening

Since no radio program can summarize the musical history of a country, it would be foolish to risk this task. But, perhaps as a consequence of the trip to Minneapolis, I felt this was the time to return home and focus attention on the production of national music. In this research, which inevitably builds on a certain affective content, it quickly became visible that the scale of the country is no longer the limit of its expression and that, from year to year, there are several national editions enrolling the wider music world. The cartography proposed here begins in 1986, with music theme Mate from authors D. W Art (António Duarte and Manuela Duarte) and Is It Hope? from O Projecto Azul (João Gargante), songs which are part of the Música Moderna Portuguesa: 2º Volume compilation, edited by Dansa do Som. The music that opens the program is more recent, from 2019, titled Ruídos (À Portuguesa) and belongs to Gonzo, alter ego of Gonçalo F Cardoso. Over this time interval I tried to recovered songs from an internal story that has been fertile in their diversity but, above all, I have sought songs that deviate from a certain dominant norm. Welcome to this home!!!