Forgotten Love

The music family supports many subjects, but I am convinced that love will always be its biggest theme. And for this reason, the next-to-last Clube da Esquina radiocast recovers this fundamental topic yet bringing with it a close relative, oblivion. The assembly of these two subjects means that an attempt has been made to build a radio show composed of songs that have been slightly dormant, favoring, as usual, the recall of bands which are equally distant from the limelight. The diversity of sounds heard in this chapter was not premeditated, but it seemed impossible to escape a song like Persian Love, upon which and even though I don’t understand a single word of what is sung, it is still fascinating to perceive how the passion between two people makes itself felt. Beyond, of course, Holger Czukay’s pioneering music, which by capturing these voices from radio waves, debuted, alongside other musicians, the era of sampling. Or what about a lone EP by Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore which remains underrated, the urgency to return to Sekou Sundiata’s activism, or the forgetfulness of the single LP released by duo Will & James Ragar, to which we also need to come back to. Probably Walker Brothers’ music will be the one we have most on our minds, but it was hard to escape the albeit slightly forgotten genius of Scott Walker when revisiting this topic. You can’t learn to love but listening to music is a constant learning ☺️