The Harvest

The last Clube da Esquina radio program was mostly assembled from a selection of songs released in 2019. The intention of this harvest was not of identifying last year’s best songs or albums, but to offer a set of songs that became more eminent throughout the year, while also removed from the reissue market. In short, the main objective of this program focused on the search for songs that refer to a certain musical production, in line with today, with contemporary times. In this way, the present was thought of as a time that still has the capacity for musical innovation. My perception is that, for some of these musicians — like Tom of England, Tujiko Noriko, Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas or Kate Tempest — the drive for the now is not a coincidence, but a desire to transform today’s way of thinking and making music. As I went through the songs in this chapter, I noticed the absence of Burial, but I am convinced that in this last program I was contaminated by some of the ideas presented by Mark Fisher in Ghosts of My Life: by the music that is in tune with its time. And 2019 was a good harvest. Clube da Esquina ends with… See you soon! : )