CH. 05

Music & Food


Everyone eats. I don’t know if everyone hears music. In fact, if it is evident that food is decisive for our survival, the idea that music has a side effect in our day-to-day life has long stopped being controversial. In any case, the two activities have undergone profound changes, with the discovery of fire, for example, or with more recent inventions, such as electricity. And only from these changes could several paths be traced from the relationship between music and food. The fifth chapter of this radio show preferred to follow the path of a musical sequence that summons musicians who at one point built songs with the theme of food in mind. In other words, this chapter departs from a proposal for a soundtrack prepared for any meal, frugal or sophisticated, focusing on themes, words, allusions or artistic proposals (Breadwoman in mind) of more and less known authors. Until recently we were taught that language contained a palate map, apparently the question no longer arises. In any case, recovering this typology of flavours, this program suggests as Sweet; Jonathan Richtman And The Modern Lovers’ ironic proposal Ice Cream Man, for Sour; the theme Pickes by Allen Toussaint, for Salty; music from George Clinton’s Fries Go With That Shake, Bitter; can only be Taste Strange from DJ Food and finally, for Umami; Chic’s musical suggestion, entitled Soup For One. Here’s a menu to relish without specific order, even with junkfood to the mix.


  • Anna Homler & Steve Moshier
    — Yesh’ Te (4:12)
  • Thomas Strønen & Iain Ballamy
    — Celestial Food (4:24)
  • David Sylvian — Café Europa (7:01)
  • DJ Food — Taste Strange (1:14)
  • Organic Groves — Joy Of Cooking (4:41)
  • Cat Stevens — Was Dog A Doughnut (4:14)
  • Chic — Soup For One (3:07)
  • Aaron Childs — Tangerine
    (Channel Tres Remix) (2:30)
  • George Clinton — Do Fries Go
    With That Shake (6:29)
  • Simian Mobile Disco — Hotdog (3:16)
  • Carl Craig — Food And Art
    (In The Spirit Of Revolution) (6:23)
  • Matthew Herbert — An Apple A Day… (1:32)
  • Mac DeMarco — Cooking Up
    Something Good
  • Devendra Banhart — Fig In Leather (3:13)
  • Moondog — Coffee Beans (2:10)
  • Frank Zappa — Watermelon In Easter Hay (10:00)
  • The Monkees — Tapioca Tundra (3:03)
  • Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
    — Ice Cream Man (3:01)
  • Talking Heads — Stay Hungry (2:39)
  • Butthole Surfers — Pepper (4:57)
  • The Books — Read, Eat, Sleep (3:46)
  • The Style Council — Blue Café (2:15)
  • Sade — Cherry Pie (6:19)
  • Allen Toussaint — Pickles (4:27)
  • Tom Waits — Drunk On The Moon (5:05)
  • Tim Buckley — Cafe (5:40)
  • Vashti Bunyan — 17 Pink Sugar Elephants (1:51)
  • Hector Zazou — Des Cocotiers (5:02)
  • Slint — For Dinner… (5:02)
  • Smog — Red Apple Falls (6:44)