CH. 02

Records & Photographs


On February 16th I held a hearing session at Bar Torto, by invitation of the Listening Porto project. The idea was to present songs from my vinyl collection built on record covers that reproduce images from the history of photography since its inception until the present day; accessible here — Records & Photographs. A record collection built exclusively from the visual component has the peculiarity of the music is not always valued or even listened to, which means that many of the albums that end up being part of this collection from the musical point of view are mostly unknown to me. And, therefore, I never thought that the exercise of identifying songs for this specific session would prove to be extraordinarily rich, thus bringing me closer to songs that otherwise I would not have come across. This second chapter of Clube da Esquina, now reduce to one hour, is a selection of what was possible to hear at The Listening Porto session. The night was well received by the audience. Hope you like it too! ☺️


Tropic of Cancer — When The Dog Bites (5:40)
Cover photo by Jasmine Deporta — Sofa Safari #1, 2013

Okkyung Lee — Here We Are (Once Again) (6:09)
Cover photo by Ron Jude — Untitled, From The Series Other Nation, 2001-2008

Victor Herrero — Epílogo (3:11)
Cover photo by Andrei Tarkovsky — Untitled, 1979-1984, From The Book Instant Light, 2004

Seigen Ono — Julia (4:10)
Cover photo by Pierre Boucher — Portrait d’Émile Allais, 1937

Arto Lindsay — Ridiculously Deep (4:09)
Cover photo by Étienne Carjat — Charles Baudelaire, 1862 (c.)

Moor Mother — Time Float (2:08)
Cover photo by Sasha Burgess — Unknown Title, Unknown Date

Locust — Fall For Me (4:37)
Cover photo by Amanda Charchian — Unknown Title, Unknown Date

The Radio Dept. — David (3:33)
Cover photo by Herbert List — At The Baltic Sea, 1933

Baseball Gregg — Sleep (3:26)
Cover photo by Apichatpong Weerasethakul — Power Boy, From The Series For Tomorrow For Tonight, 2011

Yasunori Soryo & Jim Rocks — So Long America (4.24)
Cover photo by Mika Kitamura — Untitled, 2018

Maayan Nidam — Dime Si Eres tú (7:15)
Cover photo by Daidō Moriyama — Buenos Aires, 2000 (c.)

John Surman — Following Behind (1:24)
Cover photo by Christian Vogt — Unknown Title, From The Series Frame, 1975-1976

Ramzi — Awakenin (3:00)
Cover photo by Marinka Grondel — Phosphene, 2022

Leon Vynehall — From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II) (6:20)
Cover photo by Pol Bury — George Washington Bridge, 1967 (Artwork From a Photograph by Sam Falk)