CH. 01



After a three-year break, Clube da Esquina returns with a first chapter dedicated to a review of songs released last year that worthy our attention. This selection, as attempted in the last chapter of 2019, is not intended to praise the albums that will change the course of popular music, but rather to focus on a set of surprising tracks that incorporate traits of our time. Above all, it is about conceiving a radio show marked by the pleasure of disclosing songs that are more detached from a dominant circuit. For this chapter, entitled Review, the songs were carefully aligned, proposing a sequence with narrative principles, so that for an hour it will be possible to relax, reflect, listen to the forest, but also dance in a more effusive way. Of course, the program’s two-hour contraction workout wasn’t easy, but the result makes the experience briefer and more enjoyable. In the end, it was followed the argument that Aristotle proposed for art: a form of therapy [that] arouses and purges dangerous emotions ☺️


Dylan Henner — We’re So Young That We’ll Never Grow Old (5:04)
Maxime Denuc — Infinite End (6:01)
FR4NCESCO — Rio Croa Eden (6:53)
Carmen Villain — Silueta (5:55)
DJ Phython — Angel (10:53)
Swami Sound — Back In The Day (Soulecta Dub) (Featuring CVMILLE) (4:15)
Joy Orbinson — Pinky Ring (4:40)
The Soft Pink Truth — Wanna Know (4:50)
Alabaster DePlume — I’m Good At Not Crying (3.24)
Moin — Forgetting Is Like Syrup (4:16)
Archipelagos — Open Sea (4:11)
Organ Tapes — Voter (2:32)
Homeshake — VOL 3 ITEM 36 (1:50)